People come into therapy for a variety of reasons; unable to find love, depression, problems at work, unbearable stress, stuck in grief, disconnection with their kids, they have no friends, immobilizing lack of self-esteem; the list is as varied as it is long. Analogous to a mechanic, sometimes a quick tune-up is all you need, while at other times your engine needs an over-haul. But when it’s more extensive work, to continue the analogy, reading the car manual will no more fix the car than showing up at therapy will eradicate the problem. By that I mean, part of therapy is about exploring the past and seeing where things may have gotten off track, but insight itself rarely changes the future. What alters your future is doing the hard work of the present. Psychotherapy is the means by which you can learn to look at your life’s map with new eyes, to determine a new direction and, most importantly, to arrive in one piece.  

My role as the psychotherapist is to guide you. I work with men, women and adolescents. You can read the next page to find out about my academic qualifications and my experience, but in the meantime I will add that I am one of the fortunate that has found my way to a career that I love. And I hope that my passion for my work is evident in my presence as a counselor.